Hosted by Glenn and his very special guests, this podcast is a virtual trip back in time to the halcyon days of our childhood - the 1980s (and early 1990s). Every week we explore at least one facet of 80's pop culture, discuss questions from our listeners, and report the news from at least 4 of the main franchises of the 80's that are still around today!

We're off for a quick jaunt to the 90s in this episode, as Duncan returns to take a look at 1991's sequel to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, as a threat from the future sends them on a Bogus Journey!

And as it's Duncan, rest assured there'll be tangents. So. Many. Tangents.

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It's all about the multi-Doctor episodes and stories this time around, as Leigh and Glenn take a look at The Three, Five and Days of the Doctors!

Also, Leigh tells us which one of those she's in.

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It's special guest time on JFA, and it's our pleasure to welcome a Superman superfan on in the shape of Tasmin, otherwise known as the Aspiring Kryptonian! 

Please join Glenn and Dave as they talk to Tasmin all about the Big Blue Boy Scout and why she loves him so much!

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Andy from the Smorgaspod is back with us to talk about 80's and 90's video games, including what microcomputers and consoles we had as kids growing up! 

It's all Sega vs Nintendo, Atari vs the ZX Spectrum, tape players, disks and carts, oh my!

To be this good really does take ages.

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