Hosted by Glenn and his very special guests, this podcast is a virtual trip back in time to the halcyon days of our childhood - the 1980s (and early 1990s). Every week we explore at least one facet of 80's pop culture, discuss questions from our listeners, and report the news from at least 4 of the main franchises of the 80's that are still around today!

It's another look at Endgame, this time with the world's biggest Captain America fan, aka our lovely Phil!

Again, needless to say, SPOILERS. But then again, it's been a month. WHY HAVEN'T YOU SEEN IT YET?

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It's Top 5 time again! It's Andy from t'Smorgaspod's turn, listen in wonder and delight as he picks his Top 5 Autobots! You won't BELIEVE some of his choices! One of them will SURPRISE you!

And so on. *CLICK*


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Now that we've been through all of the past Doctors. we should really look at some of their enemies. Starting with their (according to the Third Doctor) Best Enemy, the rogue Time Lord bent on destruction and mayhem, The Master!

And of course, Missy. As if you could ever forget her.

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Yes, I know, JFA is primarily a DC podcast, but it would be a little churlish not to mention possibly the biggest comic book movie of all time, so here we are.

Joining me is our old friend (and world's biggest Loki fan) Claude to talk all about the movie, what it did right, what it did wrong, and just where in the hell do we go from here?

Needless to say: HERE BE SPOILERS. You have been warned.

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