Hosted by Glenn and his very special guests, this podcast is a virtual trip back in time to the halcyon days of our childhood - the 1980s (and early 1990s). Every week we explore at least one facet of 80's pop culture, discuss questions from our listeners, and report the news from at least 4 of the main franchises of the 80's that are still around today!

We're joined again by Andy from the Smorgaspod, and in this episode, it's all about the 'Bee.

Bumblebee has made his solo live action debut, set in the Eighties, and inspired by Eighties movies such as the John Hughes movies and Short Circuit, all set to a bangin' soundtrack of all our favourite hits from - you guessed it - the Eighties.

But is it any good? Is Travis Knight better at directing Robots in Disguise better than Michael Bay? And when John Cena is on screen, can you actually see him? All these questions and more will be answered!


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Happy New Year, Eighties fans!

In our very first episode of this year we're joined by Duncan from Stacebob & The Dweebs to go over the Eighties back catalogue of one of it's greatest action heroes - Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger!

From Conan to Red Heat, from Raw Deal to The Terminator, all your favourites are here! We even talk a bit about Hercules in New York!

Next week: we'll be back.

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As Series 11 has now come to a close with the New Year's special, Leigh and Glenn thought it best to review the second half of the series, and how they think it went.

Spoiler Alert: We're as fair as we can be.

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